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Social Media Best Practices: How to Share Content 


Our last post was about what type of content are to be shared through your social media channels. Now that you know what to post, the next question is “How?”. Well, we have outlined some of the best practices in the process of sharing content. Read on to pick up some valuable tips.



The first question that most social media beginners ask regarding how to share content is “how frequently should updates or shares be posted”. But there is no right or wrong answer to that question. Although there are best practices to follow, there is no single set of rules in place. It really depends on the behaviour of your target audience – how often they consume content, what their interests are, and how would they see the value that you are offering. For great results, it is highly recommended that you test at first to see how your audience reacts to your posts.  

Moreover, you should look into what is appropriate for your business. For example, if you are running an online fashion shop, you may be require to post new trends especially those that are incorporated to your products. This can be done in a weekly or monthly basis or both depending on the fad changes in the fashion industry. However, take note that you don’t need to post updates just for the sake of having something on your feed or timeline at a certain point of time or just to hit your expected number of posts per day. If there is nothing worth sharing, then don’t. Always make sure that every post offers value to your audience.



Some of the biggest names in social media marketing have conducted a number of researches to determine the best days and times to post on social media channels. Although the data that they have presented may not be ultimately precise, it can eliminate the guesswork for social media beginners. Based on their findings, posting on Facebook during Sundays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays brings more engagement. Best times are at 9am, 1pm, and 3pm. As for Twitter, weekdays are best for B2B organisations, while weekends are for B2Cs – but in general, Wednesday is the best day to tweet. Best times are at 3pm and 5-6pm. For Instagram on the other hand, best days are during Mondays and Thursdays, while best times are at 8-9am and 5pm.



Consistency is the key to creating impact through social media. That’s why you need to align your social media strategy to your business’s branding.  As much as possible, all the many elements of your brand, wether visual or non-visual, should be incorporated to your posts and social media profiles. See to it that you use the same colour scheme on your brand mark and your logos are blended to images/graphics. More so, you should follow a tone or voice that is representative to your brand. If your brand is all about being loud and proud, that should reflect on your posts. If it is about style and sophistication, use chic and elegant images.


Again, as we have mentioned above, there is no single set of rules on how to post on social media. You need to understand your audience, your business, and your industry. However, this doesn’t stop here, we still have more tips and best practices to share so you can manage an effective social media campaign. Next post will be about how to foster engagement and how to earn familiarity and trust. Stay tuned!