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Let us first recap all the four basic foundation of a great design that we have tackled in the past four weeks in this blog. We explained the importance of insights, perspectives, concepts, and story in creating a brand design.

First, powerful insights are needed in order to understand the client, the business and the target audience. Second, it is important that designers challenge themselves in discovering new perspectives and avoid the habitual visual patterns. Third, concepts are to be created as they are important in starting any work on a branding design project. Fourth, of course, designers need to incorporate a story to their project so clients can view the power of the design, and target audience can easily relate or connect with the brand.

The fifth and final basic fundamental of a great design is COURAGE. It is not a capability nor a skill that one should have, but a virtue – a virtue that all designers should characterise.

Let’s dig more about courage below:


Creativity and COURAGE goes together. If we look back into our history, new ideas, designs and theories have always met criticism and ridicule from those who believe in the norm. Most innovative scientists, designers, and inventors in the past faced serious contradiction and even hostility at first. However, with their strong determination and their self-belief they were able to successfully introduce life-changing innovations to the society. Thus, we can attest that courage goes hand in hand with creativity.


In the past, we have seen a lot of brands and commodities in the market that haven’t last or that have sank into the bottom of the competition. One of the common reasons behind this is due to stagnation of the brand itself – the failure to carry out innovative design ideas that can propel or bring a fresh face to the brand. We say that this is mainly caused by the presence of FEAR and the absence of COURAGE.  

With the COURAGE to innovate and disregarding the fear of disrupting the norm, businesses owners will be able to create breakthroughs that will push their brands up the competition.


Is it fear that prevents innovation or creativity? Well, if we are to be asked, it is not about removing the fear; it’s about recognizing the fear and having the courage to innovate. Based on our experience, it is the innate human reaction to fear that prevents us from creating a breakthrough that can propel a brand and be successful. But if you have the courage to persevere and to not back down on your pursuit to achieving greatness, you will be able to find innovative and fruitful ways to overcome any obstacle.

Our team here at LIFE BY DESIGN STUDIO embody COURAGE in everything we do. Our version of courage is the strength to be relentless in any difficulty or fear that we face. 

Now, that’s a rap for our 5 basic foundations of a great design blog series. We hope that you have had a glimpse of how we, as a team, work together in order to take our clients’ brands into new heights. If you have any branding projects in mind, give us a call or fill out our online contact form. We’d love to talk about it over coffee.