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In the past decade or so, we have seen the birth and rising popularity of social media websites and platforms. These media platforms have now become an important part of every marketing effort done by companies and organisations, big or small. 

Thus, we decided to come up with another blog series for our followers. This time we will highlight not only the importance of social media but also about how to use it successfully for marketing and branding purposes.


What is Social Media?

In a nutshell, Social Media is the collective of all online platforms in the form of websites and applications that enable people to engage with others in the form of commentary, conversations, and other user-generated interactions. Well-known platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest are currently attracting millions, if not billions, of active users in a monthly basis.

As for commercial organisations, this surge of social media opened up an opportunity to reach out to their target market better than any other existing media platform can offer. Of course, this is also partly due to the fact that more and more people are shifting to the web.


A Look at the Numbers

According to current statistics, there is an estimated 3.419 billion people using the Internet around the world – that is almost half of the current total world population of 7.395 billion. Out of the 3.419 billion internet users, 2.307 billion are active social media users with corresponding +10% annual growth. In Australia alone, there are approximately 14 million active Facebook users, 13.9 million unique viewers on Youtube, 5 million active Instagram users, and 2.8 million active Twitter users. Based on these stats, you just cannot ignore the marketing value that social media can bring on your table.


Why Social Media?

Although it is true that both customer experience and branding doesn’t start with what you will put up in your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, social media can help you easily share and promote your business, services, or products to a huge audience. Social media has countless benefits depending on your own goals and strategies, but the basic are as follows:

1.     Building Relationships

When running a business, building good relations towards your customers, employees, and other businesses is important. Of course, in order for relationships to flourish, you need to nurture them – and this is where social media works like a charm. Social media channels will enable you to easily engage, interact and communicate with others. This creates connections that can break down social barriers. Remember that the relationships that you are able to build within your business environment will be your groundwork to propel you to success.

2.     Getting Feedback

Information sharing has become fast and easy through social media. People can post, share, or like comments or reactions about anything at real-time. With this, social media acts like your window to your audience’s minds. You will be able to gather powerful insights and feedback that can help you in different aspects of your business such as in product development or in ensuring positive customer experience.

This is just an introduction of social media and how it can be beneficial for your company or organisation. Watch out for our next posts on this blog series to get more insight about how you can maximise your online marketing efforts. You can also subscribe our newsletter so you’ll be updated not only on what’s new on our blog but also about the awesome things that we do.