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In our first two blog posts for this 5-part blog series, we focused on Insight and Perspective and why these two fundamentals are important for design. Insight is all about connecting to the people involved and understanding their thoughts and feelings toward the design. Perspective on the other hand is the different ways of seeing things and how to challenge it to create fresh and creative design.

Now, on our third post, we will be discussing the third basic foundation of a great design – which is CONCEPT. Concepts are ideas on how to create a design. Once you have all the insights gathered and you have challenged yourself for new perspectives, you can start to come up with CONCEPTS that will be used for the design.


If you are wondering why concept belongs to our list of basic design foundation, it is simple – you can’t execute any work on a design without it. 

Here at LIFE BY DESIGN, before any design is created or before any work is done, we make sure that there is a rock-solid concept as much as possible. This ensures that the right path is taken every step of the way towards an effective design.

We are not saying that all design projects can’t be started without a strong concept in hand. Of course, it can be done. There are also cases wherein all you need is a faint idea at the start. Then, along the way, you can work on our inputs and yours to improve the concept and make it the most effective for your design. 


As a brand design agency, we are somehow always presented with problems from our clients – problems about how to make a brand standout. Thus, we always challenge ourselves in creating good design concepts.

Good CONCEPTS inspire and create human responses. As humans we want to understand, and in fact, we respond and interact with strong concepts. Thus, concepts need to make sense and they should be realistic solutions to the problems.

So, how are good CONCEPTS created, you ask? Well, the answer is through: collaborating in teams, changing the environment, unique brainstorming approaches, and acknowledging anyone from anywhere. With these, you can come up with great ideas that can be combined into the right concept for a great design. 


Getting the right CONCEPTS for your projects is not easy to achieve. There are several factors that can affect the creation of CONCEPTS such as culture, environment, and leadership.

Concepts can be cultivated through:
 - collaborating with colleagues and other people responsible for the project
 - creating a cross-functional team
 - creating an active approach to inspiration
 - continuous learning culture
 - promoting and celebrating innovation within the workplace
 - acknowledging that concepts come from anywhere and anyone
 - building good rapport with everyone

Concepts can be suppressed if:
 - people are placed in single-function duties
 - concept sources are limited from one group or individual
 - management style is not flexible
 - there is always a stigma on every failure
 - there is no room for improvement of skills

We are now done with the third fundamental of a great design, which is CONCEPT. We hope that this will help our audience further understand how graphic or brand design projects should be handled from our perspective. Next week we will be rolling out the fourth instalment of this 5-part blog series. So, subscribe to our newsletter now to get real-time updates through your email.