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5 basic foundations of great design: INSIGHT


Effective design is an essential part for branding (even for your overall marketing effort), and it is increasingly becoming more important as the world becomes more and more digital. Your brandmark, product packaging, and other communication and branding materials should be designed effectively. This way, your brand can better develop consciousness within your business community, and more importantly, your target market – which then translates into brand recognition and increased conversion.

However, creating an effective design for marketing or branding purposes is easier said than done. Before you can dive deeper into lines, shapes, colours, dimensions, contrast, and other such elements, you should look into the basic foundations of design. Same as with everything else, failing to establish footing on the basics will prevent you from achieving your goals.

This will be the first post of a five-part blog series that will feature the 5 basic foundations of design that we, at LIFE-BY-DESIGN, follow. On this post we will be talking about INSIGHT, and why it is important for design.

Understanding through insights

Creating a design for branding involves understanding the brand’s history, its strategic position, visual equity, and the wants and needs of end users or consumers. And this process starts with INSIGHTS– the first basic foundation of design. You will need insights from the business owner, insights from the designers, and if possible, insights from end clients in order to get a grasp of what the brand needs. Based on these insights, mostly in the form of emotional behaviour and belief, you will be able to come up with ideas that can propel the business to be noticed or to be relevant in the market. 

Statistics/Facts vs insights

In the eyes of typical marketers, statistics and facts in the form of numbers and symbols are the basis of a good marketing or branding strategy. But who can blame them? With the crowded market full of competitors and with all kinds of risks involved, they always want to get viable facts before proceeding to the next steps. However, focusing more on statistic data that are deemed feasible sometimes causes them to miss on the true insights about their business or about their consumers. 

At first look, it may indeed be a wiser choice to go along with what typical marketers do – stick with the stats. If you know that 60% of people like the colour red, yellow and green being associated with food, of course, you will be in that direction with your food business branding. However, have you really looked into the reasons behind it? This is where Insight comes in. True insights will tell you not about what people choose, but why do people make these choices and why you should also make the same choice. Challenge yourself to better connect with people around you by being more insightful about them.

Make Connections with Insights

You should not start any design without looking into insight. Getting insights from the people involved in business branding or even the people around you is the key to understanding where you should start at on any design projects. Thus, we at LIFE-BY-DESIGN make it point to challenge ourselves to create better connections with our clients, colleagues, and others by being insightful about them. 

For the next post on this blog series, we will tackle the second basic foundation of great design which is PERSPECTIVE.  So, watch out for the next post, or better yet, subscribe to our newsletter to get instant updates from our blog.