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Thursday ‪#‎Thought‬ Need an idea on how to creatively rebrand your brandmark? Using handmade look calligraphy is the in thing for 2016!

Handmade Calligraphy: A Design Trend for Logos in 2016

Logos are an important part of building the brand of businesses. When creating one, a big chunk of the process goes to the design. It’s important to come up with a look that’s doesn’t only represent the brand but also trendy to capture the target market.

One of the design trends that we should look for this year is the “Handmade Calligraphy” design. Although it has been slowly gaining popularity since a couple of years back, many design industry experts say that it will be a big thing in 2016. Curious? Discover the WHYs below:

Offers Freshness

Logos made with handmade letterings has that fresh look. With this, it can easily be associated with fun, vitality, enthusiasm, and other feel-good emotions. Fresh-looking calligraphy logos can invoke these emotions to the end users, making them a great option for fashion- or food-related brands.

Highly Decorative

Calligraphy can be considered as a decorative art. It is flexible and highly scalable when applied to logos. Also, there is limitless creativity when it comes to calligraphy designs. This makes a calligraphy logo suitable for any brand application – may it be website design, app UI design, packaging, brochures, creative letterheads, and even dynamic set adverts.

Less Distracting

Calligraphy is simple almost all the time. It stays away from the illustrative cluttered look that tends to make a distracting effect on a design. With this simplicity, a calligraphy logo can help you bring the focus of your target market to your brand. This equates to better brand/name recognition that will give a boost on the popularity of your business.

It Speaks of Honesty

Being “handmade” also evokes authenticity and brings out that real feel. This creates an intimate or personal connection so you can easily reach out to your target audience.

Still not convinced of using “Handmade Calligraphy” as what the design trend in 2016 suggests? Well, take a look for yourself. Here’s a sample calligraphy logo that we have recently created for our client:

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